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Background music in this video. "Lazy Afternoon" by John La Touche. Vocals by Kama Ruby, Orchestration by Austin Creek, and Piano by Mike Garson. * Easy Song Licensing- to record *
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Testimonials About Kama Ruby
(Commentary on Producing Kama Ruby: Minds Eye)

Kama Ruby is one of the most talented artists I have worked with. She can do wonders with a song and has the ability to dazzle her audience in a live performance. Her voice is pure magic, AND she is a pleasure to work with! Her new CD is inspiring, a work of art and so intriguing you will listen again and again.

Jane Getz Producer, Pianist, Vocalist, and Songwriter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Getz

(Being Business Partners with Kama)

We are top earners in our industry, and we will stand by our statement that you are making a smart decision to partner up with her. Kama is a top seller, recruiter, and most active on our team. You will have made a smart choice to either
 join her in business, or allow her to help you with your personal care items.

Brian Cook and Michelle Jones Empowering Humans http://www.empoweringhumans.com/

(On working with Kama in theater, and being her skin care customer.)

Kama constantly challenges herself to improve her work and her life. She’s a great motivator and an inspiration to those around her. As a fellow artist, she’s authentic and disciplined. Always looking to refine her craft and work from a place of authenticity and courage. There’s always a creativity and drive in her work.  I love and admire that about Kama.

Kama has made me a SEACRET superfan. She truly believes in this product- which says a lot because she knows product. The skin care, the body butter, I just love it. Also, the things I use are perfectly suited for me, thanks to Kama. LOVE IT.

Dana Martin Head of Movement: Art of Acting Studio Actor, Director, Producer, Teaching Artist
(Commentary on Kama Ruby: Mind's Eye album)

"Kama's unique voice is a beautiful blend of sexiness and heart. She stirs emotions from deep within and is the perfect accompaniment for a glass of wine shared over a romantic meal."

Sarah Norris
Artistic Director - Access Theater
Founding Artistic Director - New Light Theater Project
Associate Producer - Bisno Productions
NY, New York.
(Commentary on Kama Ruby: Mind's Eye)

"Her folk/pop-infused jazz evokes emotional memories of artists from Stevie Nicks to Billie Holiday. Her album, "Mind's Eye," includes a captivating cover of Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust," as well as a version of Moby's "Mistake," with hypnotic vocals and sparkling piano licks. This album delivers."

Nate Bynum, Co-Head of Performance at UNLV.
Linda Lister, Director of Opera at UNLV.
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Background image photo taken by Frank Maccioli.
Artwork to photo by Louis Kavouras